• Stephanie Wharton

Bok Choy + Mushroom Rice Bowl

By Stephanie Wharton

Bok Choy goes by many names: bok choy, pak choi, pichay, petsay, or pok choi. It’s a delicious Chinese cabbage and very easy to cook with, especially in stir fry dishes, soups and rice/noodle bowls. I prefer to halve or chop bok choy and for obvious reasons, prefer to use them mostly in Asian inspired dishes. The leaves are similar to the taste of spinach and the stems and bulb are slightly bitter and crunchy and very delicious. Minced ginger and garlic could easily be added to this dish if you’d prefer a more authentic taste. Additionally, soy sauce could easily be used in place of the coconut aminos (which taste nothing like coconuts). However, it’s important to note that soy sauce has a significant higher sodium content and also contains gluten and soy.