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What We Do

Lending Hearts provides emotional, social and physical support to those living with cancer through the following free, unique and comprehensive services.  Our programs provide age appropriate, emotional and supportive services for the patient and their families during the full journey of treatment and remission.


Living with cancer is hard enough, you don’t have to go it alone.  We know the balance between treatment and wellness is vital.  Be part of a community that supports you and your family’s whole health.  Lending Hearts provides social and emotional services to patients living with cancer, from treatment through remission.  All services are free and do not require insurance.

Our wellness services address symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue and nausea while complementing medical care.  Our services include but are not limited to yoga, mindfulness & relaxation, nutrition, panel discussions, specific courses and more.

No Cost for Young Adult Lending Hearts S

No Cost

You have enough on your plate. Let us handle this part of your path to wellness. All of our services are free to you and your family.

no cost for services

Virtual Network Lending Hearts Young Adu


We’ve developed methods to provide support and services that can make virtual contact more meaningful and engaging than ever before.

Community of Support Lending Hearts Youn


Many of our services are in hospitals and treatment centers, but we also love getting into the community.

Broad Network Support Lending Hearts You


We have a network of health and wellness professionals, other specialists and families all here to aid you in facing the impact of cancer.


Like adults, children have their own needs and challenges when living with cancer.  The need for mental, social, emotional and physical support, however, still exists.  To provide this, Lending Hearts provides pediatric integrative wellness care within the oncology unit at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  Due to COVID, we are temporarily unable to provide all services within the unit.  We do, however, welcome children who are in treatment or in remission to participate in the virtual yoga, mindfulness and relaxation and nutrition services mentioned above.

As COVID restrictions ease, we look forward to resuming our monthly in-person family gatherings.  These unique experiences allow families to come together to participate in that month’s outing while enjoying fellowship and fun in our Lending Hearts community. 

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