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Who We Are

From our founder, Vasso Paliouras


No one knows how they’ll react to a diagnosis of cancer until it happens to them, or a loved one. It’s a personal and often lonely fight, even when you are surrounded by family and a team of caregivers. 


My younger sister received a cancer diagnosis when she was 17. When I was first told, words stopped having a meaning. My mind froze. I felt trapped. Looking back, that day two decades ago was a pivot point for my life – and the lives of my family. Our struggle to make sense of it all while supporting my sister during her fight planted the seeds for what eventually grew to become Lending Hearts.


Along the way, dozens and now hundreds of individuals—survivors, family members, doctors, community and corporate leaders … and just everyday people who care—have joined our ranks to lend their expertise, their compassion, and their time to bring hope and support for families living with cancer.


I invite you to join our community and open your heart to everything we have to offer.


Thank you!

Vasso and Constance Lending 49609748152.
Our Vision
To bring hope and strength to everyone impacted by cancer.
Our Mission
To provide emotional, social and physical support to those living with cancer, with a special focus on the needs of children and young adults as well as their families and caregivers. Through personal connections and a holistic approach to well-being, we help our Lending Hearts family move forward with resilience and positivity through treatment and remission.

Board Members

Meet the tremendous individuals behind Lending Hearts who are making a difference in the lives of those living with cancer.

Our Board Members

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