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Who We Support

The vision of Lending Hearts is to bring hope and strength to everyone impacted by cancer.  We do this by providing emotional, social and physical support to those living cancer, with a special focus on the needs of children and young adults as well as their families and caregivers. 


For patients in treatment or in recovery from cancer, Lending Hearts provides services that range from integrative oncology wellness care and educational panel discussions to monthly gatherings for the entire family.  These services are also available free of charge for the entire family and caregiving network.  When part of the Lending Hearts family, you are never alone.  We are here for you!


We welcome clinicians to participate as well.  Like family members, they too feel similar stresses when caring for their patients.  Lending Hearts is here to support their efforts and provide them integrative wellness tools to help them in their bedside care.

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We understand the needs of a child living with, or in recovery from cancer are very unique as well as the demands placed on their family.  Just as much as the child needs support, each member of the family also needs support.  We address this by providing special experiences for everyone to enjoy together.  The time together as a family and the time together with other families is what makes our Lending Hearts community one of a kind. 

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Young Adults

Young adults (those up to 39 years of age) experience the most number of changes in their lives with work, school, relationships and so much more.  Add to that a cancer diagnosis, and these individuals have a different level of stress and needs as compared to pediatric and older patients.  The services offered through our integrative oncology wellness program are designed to address the stress, anxiety, pain and so much more that comes with receiving a cancer diagnosis during these years and for years to come.  Like pediatrics, Lending Hearts is just as much for those who are currently in treatment as well as those who have long been in remission.

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Young Adult Group Support Lending Hearts
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Happy Family Cancer Support LH.jpg

Family Members

Although our focus is on children and young adults in treatment or in remission from cancer, every member of the family or caregiving is impacted by cancer.  Lending Hearts recognizes the importance of the health and well-being of the entire caregiving team.  All of our services are available and free of charge to everyone.  We are a community for you!

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