• Stephanie Wharton

Apple Cranberry Crisp

By Stephanie Wharton

Apple crisp is always a winner in my house, but add some beautiful cranberries and you’ve got yourself a noteworthy dessert. The best part of this dish is that you don’t have to wait for fresh cranberries to hit the shelves. Pick up some frozen cranberries and enjoy this twist on a classic dessert year round. To add more flavor, add in some nutmeg or cinnamon—or zest an orange on top prior to baking. Sprinkle on some chopped nuts or use whipped cream to elevate this dish even further. You can’t go wrong with this healthy and delicious favorite!

Swaps: Coconut oil > Butter

Almond flour > Any flour

Coconut sugar > Any granulated sweetener


● 1/3 cup Coconut Oil