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A Reflection on Our Young Adult Program

I always find it to be such an interesting process to simply stop, take a deep breath and reflect back. July 15th marks one year since we rolled out our all-digital integrative oncology wellness program. This program has a very special focus on the young adult patient and their family or caregiving team.

In 2017, we created the first pediatric integrative oncology wellness program at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. This program focuses on the impact of cancer on a child and their loved ones. It is to complement the great medical care they are receiving and offer ways to address anxiety, stress, movement and nutrition to name a few. And, together with medicine, it functions for the entire well-being of an individual.

Seeing the impact this program had been making on the pediatric patients, we knew we needed to address these needs for the young adult population. The term “young adult” can sound so misleading. Many think young adult is termed up to the age of 18 or 21. Did you know it is actually 39? Sometimes it is even older. This age group experiences some of the greatest amount of change during these years. Adding c