To provide emotional and social support to children and young adults with cancer and their families through unique activities and community outreach in surviving treatment and beyond.


The vision of Lending Hearts is a world where children & young adults living with cancer don’t feel alone as Lending Hearts is a valuable resource addressing and assisting pediatric oncology patients and families in their time of need. Starting as a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit, we envision facilitating Lending Hearts services and programming at every children and young adult oncology treatment center.

Lending Hearts 2020 Goals

Lending Hearts addresses the need for assisting pediatric cancer patients & families in surviving treatment. Programs & services promote wellness, community and emotional support both in treatment and beyond. Our newest initiative for surviving treatment is a complete pediatric oncology wellness program we are call Integrative Wellness. It includes holistic activities supporting mind, body and well-being.

  • Integrative Wellness
    • Growth of all integrative care and educational programming at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. This will enable growth into other hospitals in the United States and ultimately make the UP Street program synonymous with pediatric integrative oncology care
    • Full development and implementation of UP Street at West Penn Hospital thereby providing full and comprehensive integrative oncology care to patients ages 18-39 who are in treatment and beyond
  • Lending Hearts
    • Maintain current monthly unique & educational experiences
    • Expand emotional and social support by providing one to two social opportunities for parents and care givers
  • Jr. Council – Expand Jr. Council into additional school districts to provide students with opportunities in leadership, philanthropy and community while providing direct peer to peer emotional and social support to the families we serve. Currently, Jr. Council is comprised of 15 students from 6 different high schools.
  • Overall
    • Increase family registration and involvement by at least 10%.
    • Provide meaningful topics in education with yearly forums for key stakeholders in pediatric oncology care.