5 Tips For Staying Healthy While Working From Home

With more of us than ever working from home, it’s really easy to fall into unhealthy and unstructured habits if we’re not careful! Taking into consideration the following tips will allow you to simultaneously work on getting healthy while you’re working from home!

Build out your own healthy eating schedule

It’s so hard to not be eating constantly when you have your kitchen around the corner, but it’s really important to eat at meal times and not every hour or so! I know this seems like common sense, but in practice, it’s much harder to do. Start your day with high energy breakfasts that contain both healthy fat and protein sources. Then, eat when you’re actually hungry, ideally every 3-4 hours. This will help to keep blood sugar stable and ward off afternoon cravings.

Get most of your water intake between meals, not during meals. Focusing on drinking water between meals will definitely help prevent you from snacking unnecessarily, but it will also help keep your digestive juices strong during meals. Many of my clients who complain of bloating or discomfort after eating aren’t aware that drinking large amounts of water with meals will dilute stomach acid and therefore make digesting foods difficult. For digestive purposes, it’s better to just sip water at meals and get most water intake between meals.

Take advantage of warm herbal teas

To support my last point, keeping hydrated between meals is key, but incorporating more herbal teas is going to provide some medicinal support plus change things up a bit!
Since you now have easier access to a kettle, put it to good use. Boosting your immune system with herbal teas is easy, comforting, and beneficial. Here are some of my favorite immune boosting teas:

Define your spaces

Try your best to eat your meals in a space that is NOT your desk. I’ve been working from home for years now and trying to cram everything into the same space (both physically and time-wise) doesn’t work well. Taking a few minutes to focus on proper eating hygiene is well worth it, especially if you currently have any digestive upset, have trouble sleeping at night, or are feeling overly stressed.

In order for our bodies to digest properly, we need to not only have optimal enzymes and juices in our stomach, but we need to be as free of stress as possible when eating. Do your best to make your meals a bit more sacred by moving to a separate space away from your office, chewing your food thoroughly, and eating intentionally (try placing your utensil down for a few seconds between each bite). Giving your body this space to eat and digest, will help you reap benefits hours later and may also help you to become more focused on your work after taking a break!

Include daily therapy into your work space

What do I mean by this? You now have the ability to make your office as much of a sanctuary as you’d like, while still attending meetings and being productive! In a world of go-go-go, see what items listed below you might be able to include – quite easily – into your routine.

  • Salt lamps – great for making a space feel cozy, but the Himalayan
    salt also helps to gently purify the air around it. Try to place it close to you so that you can benefit from this gentle cleansing.
  • Meditation – Using the Insight Timer App, you can easily take 3-4
    minute meditation breaks before or after meetings to help you focus or reset for the rest of your day
  • Essential oil diffuser – essential oils have so many numerous benefits
    that you could diffuse an oil based on your need. To help you focus, try a blend using rosemary. To help you feel energized, try a blend using tangerine or another citrus oil. Just use caution around small children, pets, and the elderly.
  • Improve your posture – Sit on a yoga ball or pick up a posture
    corrector and take advantage of a bit of multi-tasking. Leaning over your computer or phone reduces lung capacity by up to 30% so you may feel more alert with a little extra oxygen in your system if you have better, more upright posture! Many companies are now helping employees pay for a stand-up desk, so definitely look into this option if you haven’t done so yet.
  • Invest in a grounding mat – If you follow me at all on social media,
    you know how much I love grounding! You can now bring grounding, which requires contact with the earth, indoors! This therapy can easily be done while sitting or standing at a desk and has amazing success at reducing inflammation and pain and improving overall health.

Not commuting anymore? Meal prep!

You’ve shaved some time off commuting to and from the office, so why not use that time to prepare meals for later in the day? If your kids are also home at this time, see if you can get them involved in the process.

One of the biggest struggles with getting a home cooked meal on the table is the time it takes to put it all together. Doing even a small amount earlier in the day can make a huge difference later on.

A few things you can do easily in 10-20 minutes earlier in the day to make dinner prep easier are wash and chop greens for a salad, roast butternut or spaghetti squash for later, put a meal in the crockpot or pressure cooker, spiralize zucchini as a pasta substitute, make one side for dinner, or brown down your ground beef. Obviously it depends on what you’re making. Even using this time for meal planning, or placing an Instacart or Amazon delivery will keep you ahead of the game and less likely to reach for frozen foods or take out.

Getting into a rhythm takes some effort, but I want to encourage you to use this time at home wisely so that you can work on your health goals WHILE you’re at work!

Stephanie Wharton is a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and part of the Lending Hearts Up Street team. You can learn more about her at www.thewellsideoflife.com