Due to the success of our pediatric focused wellness program at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Lending Hearts expanded in 2020 to include a specialized wellness program for young adults.

The stresses on individuals in this age group are very specific and different from those both younger and older. It is a time of challenges, transitions and juggling changes that include school, work, relationships and so much. Add to that cancer treatment or the years following treatment, and support is needed more than ever. The need for support doesn’t end with treatment. For many, it may just be starting.

This program also serves as a bridge for patients who were previously treated in pediatrics. The wellness care and support continues with them. Wellness care and support continue to be available for patients, in treatment and in remission, their families and the entire care team and free of charge.

Why Integrative Therapies?

Any health journey impacts each patient’s mind, body and spirit. Integrative Wellness helps patients manage stress, anxiety, nausea and other health issues due to cancer treatment by incorporating integrative therapies into your care.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who has or had cancer and their support team (parents, spouse, friend, caregiver) can benefit from this program. Integrative therapies help individuals practice happy and relaxed states of mind so that their bodies can relax and function better. Integrative therapies are safe and effective when combined with medications and other tools for managing side effects of treatment.

Our GOAL is to help provide comfort and guidance to patients and their support team throughout their journey. We do this by:

  • Improving care experiences for patients and caregivers
  • Improving symptom management
  • Enhancing the patient and support team’s resiliency and capacity
    to cope by focusing on well-being and preventive ways for managing health
  • An interactive process for education, nutrition and engagement in
    all offered wellness methods