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Jimmy's Story

As told by his mom, Lacie

Our son Jimmy was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at 4 months old. It was a devastating diagnosis, and we weren’t sure Jimmy would live to see his 1st birthday due to complications of the location of the tumor and the size it was at the time of diagnosis.

Jimmy’s resiliency through 3 years off and on of chemotherapy through his toddler years was unmatched. The tumor would shrink, stabilize and then start growing again. It was a roller coaster of ups and downs for over 6 years. Jimmy received a 4th one-year round of chemotherapy at 6 years old. Jimmy not only handled it like the superhero he is, but when he rang the bell, he literally inspired millions. We live one day at a time, embracing every day we get to live it with Jimmy. Jimmy’s tumor has remained stable for the last three years. Jimmy is now nine years old thriving in 4th grade.

Jimmy loves music, playing the drums, being around people, dancing and playing outside. He is kind-hearted, empathetic and has the ability to bring calm and peace to anyone hurting. It’s like he was made for that purpose. In the last three years, during our time off all medications, we found Lending Hearts.

Lending Hearts embraces us as family, Jim (dad) , Lacie (mom), Jimmy and Lily (sister), and invited us to their events with open arms and gracious hearts. Our family has been able to create memories and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences through the Lending Hearts events. It’s changed the way we see our journey and has allowed us to embrace the time we do have together. Some of our favorite memories with Lending Hearts has been the visit at PNC Park with the Pirates and the dance party Jimmy and Lily had with all the kids there. Watching them dance, play on the dance floor, hearing their laughter, and feeling their joy will always be a memory I hold in my heart.

We painted together as a family at one of the Lending Hearts Events and still admire each other’s art work that hangs on our wall.

We’ve met so many incredible families who understand the weight that is lifted through events Lending Hearts gives, those relationships are priceless. To walk our journey with others that understand makes us feel like we’re surrounded with support. That is so helpful walking a challenging road.

When we are able to attend a Lending Hearts Event, I know two things for sure. We are going to feel like we belong when we walk into that event, and we’re going to make priceless memories we would never be able to make of it wasn’t for the incredible people that have Lending their hearts to us. Lending Hearts is family and there is no other greater feeling in the world than being surrounded with love and support that the family of feeling can give.

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